SQE Funding

At BARBRI we’re committed to helping people from all backgrounds get the opportunity to enjoy a successful and rewarding career in the legal sector. We wholeheartedly support the introduction of the Solicitors Qualifying Exam (SQE) to reduce existing barriers and strengthen the diversity and representation of those working in law.

However, we appreciate that even with the SQE exam improving access, you may not be in a position to fully self-fund your studies. Committed to providing opportunities for all, we have developed a scholarship programme to ensure that you get the chance at SQE success, whatever your personal circumstances. We have also partnered with student loan companies to offer additional options for funding your SQE qualification journey with BARBRI.

Your SQE funding options

SQE Scholarships

There are three SQE scholarship options available across various course start dates which cover both partial and full funding. BARBRI's SQE scholarships provide students with opportunities to fund their studies on the basis of merit or public interest engagement. 

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SQE Student Loans

We have partnered with two student loan financing companies to offer you options for financing your SQE studies. The application process for each is simple and, depending on its outcome, can cover both BARBRI SQE Prep course and Kaplan exam fees.

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We endeavour to keep you informed and up-to-date to ensure you you get a chance at pursuing your path to SQE success.

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