BARBRI SQE Prep Courses

When it comes to legal exam preparation and innovation, nobody compares to BARBRI.


Unmatched innovative test preparation

BARBRI replaces worry with the confidence that comes from years of proven experience in multiple-choice legal and mixed subject testing.

Spend your study time where it will yield the best results. Below are some key course features you will experience throughout your SQE Prep.


Prepare for the functional legal knowledge assessment stage.


Prepare for the practical skills assessment stage

BARBRI SQE Prep courses

Personal 1:1 Support

Expert guidance on the SQE qualification process, study tips and communication from start to finish.

Flexible Study Options

SQE Prep courses will be offered part-time or full-time based on your schedule needs. Study primarily online with blended learning opportunities.

Online Personal Study Plan

Your online Personal Study Plan (PSP) guides every assignment and activity throughout your BARBRI SQE courses.

Best Law Tutors

Learn from the best professors and practioners who are deeply mindful of helping you pass the SQE. 

Exam-Focused Content

Lectures, practice questions, workshops and simulations build over time and focus on content most likely to be tested.

Full Set of Materials

Each candidate is supplied with a full set of materials all designed to work hand-in-hand with your online PSP.


For over half a century, BARBRI has been a leader in training aspiring lawyers, and our innovative testing and learning technologies make us an ideal partner for future solicitors preparing for the SQE.


SQE Next Steps

No matter what stage of your academic career you are in, we are here to help you with the latest updates on the SQE and the BABRRI SQE Prep Course.

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Why students choose BARBRI

"I really credit BARBRI for keeping me organized and on track with studying."

Melissa Green

"I would have been better prepared throughout law school if the BARBRI model was used for each class. I learned more from many of the BARBRI sections than I did in class."

Marliza Rivera

"If you want to be extra prepared take BARBRI!"

Julianne Necuze

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